Citizen Co-Sponsor App Lets Facebook Users Co-Sponsor Any House Bills

Rick Perry once said, “Democracy functions best when we have an active citizenry.” Perry might well be a fan of Eric Cantor’s latest democratic achievement with this Co-Sponsor app that lets everyone participates in sponsoring any bill in The House of Representatives. The .gov app currently only works with Facebook, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In a public statement about the new app, Eric Cantor (R-Va) gives full support for citizen involvement and government transparency:

The new website will now feature every bill and resolution introduced in the House, from Republicans and Democrats. I’m excited that any engaged citizen can voice their support, and track the status of legislation in the House.

The best part of this new website is it’s accessibility and simplicity. You can search by title, sponsor or bill number or browse issue areas and the tracker shows you exactly where the bill stands…

Transparency, open government and engagement should be a key goal of all elected leaders in Washington, and is one step in that direction.

This app is the latest iteration of a previous app introduced by Cantor last year. The first version was only a small handful of bills introduced by Republican legislators. Unfortunately, there’s no way to show disapproval of unpopular legislation, so here’s to hoping for a dislike button!

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