Citrix Receiver Remote Desktop App Running on a Samsung Android Phone & Ford F-150 Truck Dashboard? Is This Really a Good Idea?

Check out the secondary announcement in this Sprint press release:

Sprint, Samsung Verify First Android Device as Citrix Ready

Citrix Receiver to be displayed on Samsung Moment as well as on Ford F-150 Vehicle with Ford Work Solutions in-dash computer at Citrix Summit and Synergy

Citrix is known for its remote desktop solutions. Citrix Receiver is a free app available for Android, iPhone, and the iPad. It works with Citrix’ XenApp or XenDesktop to provide remote desktops on mobile devices. But, did you see that “in-dash” announcement for the Ford F-150 truck? Is it really a good idea to make a remote desktop available on the dashboard of any moving vehicle?

FYI: There are several comments on Citrix Receiver product page in the Android Market indicating that the app does not work on the Droid or Droid Eris.