City Of Eternals Game Draws On Diablo, Twilight, And Lineage

If you’ve ever bought in to the romance associated with the rules and mythology of vampires, then you know the appeal never fully wears off. If that’s the case for you, City of Eternals may be the game to satisfy your hunger and in the process connect you with fellow night-walkers. Set in a modern day world, you enter into the game’s vast multiplayer world as a newborn vampire, just bitten and searching for answers. As you progress, the game reveals itself to successfully draw on some of the best action-adventure games of all time to form a complete package.

The game is a 2D isometric virtual world game where you are challenged with quests you must complete to move the story forward, gain experience and money, and upgrade your clothes and room. The graphics are definitely reminiscent of games like Diablo, and while the animation can be choppy at times, the game is attractive and has a variety of characters. Every action is completed using the mouse, so when you need to attack a minion you double click on them, and when you want to chat to a character you just need to click. There’s a slight lag at times, but overall you feel like you have good control of your character.

The Facebook Connect implementation of the game is excellent and seamless. You constantly have choices to connect with Facebook by sharing information, viewing your friends activity, or more. The game asks you to log in to Facebook upon first connection, so I got started with one-click. This game completely demonstrates how important Facebook will be on games that don’t even live on Facebook.

The game is still in an early Beta, so there are a lot of features that still need tweaking. Some of the characters offer you missions but don’t have any text in them, and occasionally a fight can occur and you don’t transform into your ‘attacking’ mode. Some of the interfaces, like the trading interface, were not responsive enough. That said, the interface was pleasant to use overall. The overhead map, and level indicators all made sense, and “Batty” in the bottom left corner can be quite useful, although you have to click through all his chatter at times and he has a LOT to say.

In any case, give the game a try, and let us know what you think!

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