City Paper Managing Editor Beaujon Bids Farewell

Andrew Beaujon is leaving the Washington City Paper for; today he bid farewell to the City Paper in a lovely blog post.

The short version: It was the best job in the world…and then it stopped being fun.

After City Paper was purchased by Creative Loafing in July 2007, it became a different place. We lost half of our staff to budget cuts, and those and the recession let the air out of many of the paper’s cherished traditions–great copy-editing and general-assignment writers, for example. For a while, we mourned. Then we started finding the humor in the situation (some people never got the joke, which to me is the hallmark of a good City Paper comedy piece). Then we tried to figure out what we could do well given the circumstances. Results have been mixed, but Internet-wise, I’m proud of where we stand in relation to our early attempts.

This happens all too often. When the fun vanishes, so do the talented people. Because even though this is a blog, we’re not supposed to be all that opinionated, we’ll refrain from mentioning that we’ve worked with Andrew in the past and found him to be exactly that: very talented, a great editor, and a really fun guy. Instead, we’ll point out that City Paper arts editor Jonathan Fischer said today: “There’s no way I can do justice to his contributions (nay, his leadership) here…He wrote some of the best things that have appeared on this blog.”

We wish Beaujon all the best at his new gig.