Claritics goes after mobile developers with overhauled analytics product

Claritics, a young startup in the analytics space, is going after mobile game developers with an overhauled set of tools launching today for tracking user acquisition and monetization.

The company, which raised $1.5 million from from Cervin Ventures and TiE Angels last year, says it’s taking its product out of beta and adding new tracking features to do cohort analysis and handle custom events. Cohort analysis is a way to evaluate players who join a game at different times. If a developer makes a tweak to the first two minutes of the game, they will want to track whether users who joined after the changes are more likely to stick around than ones who joined before.

The analytics product can also do user segmentation based on where consumers were referred from and where they’re geographically located. It can also handle age and gender. There are also retention metrics that can track how many users stay involved with a game two, three, 30, 60 and 90 days after they join.

Claritics is facing a crowded field of competitors including Flurry, which is handling analytics for more than 160,000 apps. Then there’s also Apsalar, which is run by a team that has founded and sold an analytics company before. Both do cohort analysis and offer free analytics. Kontagent, which has a following among social game developers, is also making a big push over into mobile this year. Then there’s also Localytics and YCombinator-backed Mixpanel.

Claritics’ chief executive Raj Pai says that most of his competitors’ analytics are too “high-level.”

“If you have 10,000 users who join today, you want to know what they’re doing the day after and a week after,” he said. “And then you want to know what kinds of virtual goods purchases they’ll end up making.”

Claritics’ mobile product is free at the lowest level, but then there are higher pricing tiers for developers with more than a certain level of monthly active users. Games with between 100,000 and 500,000 monthly actives pay $500 per month, while apps with 500,000 to 1 million monthly actives pay $2,000, according to Claritics’ website.

The company says it has a few dozen clients across mobile and social gaming platforms like TheBroth and Turkey’s Gamester.

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