Clash of Clans Updated With Friendly Challenges, More

Friendly Challenges allow clanmates to battle one another for fun, without wasting any of their troops.

Clash of Clans received a major content update, introducing Friendly Challenge battles to users. These battles allow clanmates to battle one another for fun, without wasting any of their troops.

Users can compete in unlimited Friendly Challenges. These battles do not cost gold, and they also won’t consume users’ troops, spells, heroes or traps. However, users also won’t earn any resources, trophies or other bonuses by competing in friendly battles.

Users can create Friendly Challenges by choosing between their active base layout and any other valid saved layouts, including war bases, and posting their challenge to their Clan’s chat.

Once a challenge has been posted, another member in the clan can choose to accept the challenge and attack the player’s chosen base layout. Any troops the defending player has in their Clan Castle at the time they issue a challenge will be used as defensive troops, but won’t be lost.

Clan members can watch Friendly Challenge replays in their Clan’s chat. Users can also watch attacks live.

Elsewhere, the game’s latest content update includes a new skeleton dark elixir spell, allowing players to summon an army of skeletons anywhere on the battlefield. In addition, a new clone elixir spell allows users to create a “circle of spawning,” which creates copies of the troops that enter it.

Finally, two new elixir troops have been added to the game: the Baby Dragon and the Miner. The Baby Dragon is a fire-breathing air unit, and when it isn’t around other air units, it will gain bonus damage and attack speed. Meanwhile, the Miner will dig underground to pass by walls before popping up next to a target.

Clash of Clans is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.