Clashem Competitive Mobile Video App Launches on iOS

The Clashem app lets users judge five second video clips uploaded by the community.

Competitive mobile video app Clashem has launched on iOS, introducing users to five-second video battles. The app encourages users to record and share their best videos (with a maximum length of five seconds), with viewers then deciding the victor in each competition via Tinder-style swipe controls.

In Clashem, viewers watch two videos at a time, and are asked to swipe right on the video they like best, or swipe left on their least favorite of the pair. Once the decision has been made, another pair of videos appears and the cycle continues. While watching a video, users can tap on the uploader’s username to visit his or her profile, follow them or view more of their submissions, as well as stats including the number of battles their videos have participated in and their overall win percentage.

Clashem Screens

When users watch a video they particularly like, they can tap to favorite it before swiping to end the competition. These favorites are viewable again from their profile. Tapping on the favorited video itself presents stats for the clip, including the number of battles it has been featured in, and its win / loss percentages. Users can also see how many times the video has been favorited overall, and its rank within the Clashem community. Users can share these stats to social media.

The Clashem leaderboard allows users to view a list of videos with the highest win percentages, as well as a feed of videos from users they follow, or those featured by Clashem staff.

When uploading their own content, users can import full-length videos from their camera roll, and trim them to five-second clips before publishing them to the community. Videos can be deleted to remove them from the competitive pool.

Clashem is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. During the app’s summer beta earlier this year, more than 950 videos were uploaded and more than 55,000 battles took place.