Classy Launches Student Marketplace App on iOS

Classy Mobile has announced the launch of its student marketplace app on iOS devices. The app aims to help students sell their items to other students, without (what the company calls) the “cumbersome” experience typically associated with selling via Craigslist, Facebook or even word-of-mouth.

With Classy, students take a picture of the item they’re looking to sell, give it a description and a price, and then list it on the marketplace for other students at their own school to see.

The app allows users to browse items across three initial categories: books, fashion and electronics. An “other” category houses the rest of the app’s listings, but the developer will create new categories as this miscellaneous selection fills up. Users can also search for items manually.

When someone wants to purchase an item, the seller and buyer can agree on a location to meet on campus to exchange their item(s) and payment.

In this launch version of the app, only four colleges throughout the Boston area are supported: Babson College, Boston University, Harvard University and Northeastern University. More colleges will come online in the following weeks, with each providing a separate Classy experience to the school’s specific users.

The app ensures students are actually members of these school networks by requiring Facebook authentication and a verified .edu email address for signup.

Classy is available to download for free on iOS. An Android version of the app is planned for release in September 2014.