That Kid He Mugged in the Seventies is Now a Sag Harbor Life Coach

On the home page for The BraveHeart Institute, construction firm manager turned life coach Claude Soffel (pictured) summarizes his methodology as follows:

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that in order to be the father your children need, you must first become the man you are meant to be. This means working hard to become the man your kids can look up to – a man who is 100% sure of who he is, what he stands for and the values he wants to instill in his children.

Very unexpectedly this month, Soffel found himself reunited via Facebook with a man who has taken that methodology to heart. The trail of this feel-good story was picked up over the holiday weekend by the New York Post, Daily Mail, BuzzFeed and others.

Michael A. Goodman – a resident of Hilo, Hawaii who mugged Soffel in Manhattan in the mid-1970s when both were teenagers – recognized Soffel’s name in a Facebook thread and posted an apology for his long-ago actions. The mugging happened in front of the Museum of Natural History; the Facebook thread involved fond memories of H&H Bagels on the Upper East Side. From Soffel’s Facebook response to Goodman’s apology:

Interestingly, I have dedicated a large portion of my life to helping other men be the man they have always wanted to be, and moments like this one continue to fuel my faith that the battle may be uphill but so rewarding.

Soffel, in his bio, says he likes to sing folk music. FishbowlNY thinks he has just been given golden inspiration for something along the lines of “The Ballad of the Mindful Mugger.”

[Photo courtesy: LinkedIn]

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