Clear May Launch WiMAX Phones This Year But Dump WiMAX for LTE Later. Eh?

What are we to make of this interesting pair of headlines?

Engadget: Clearwire promises Clear-branded HTC and Samsung WiMAX phones this year

GigaOm: Clearwire May Dump WiMAX

Here’s what I think:

1. The WiMAX enabled phones are due this year (2010).

2. It will take at least a couple of years for Clear to actually switch from WiMAX to LTE. And, that process can only start after a decision has already been announced.

3. People who by phones with WiMAX are most likely to be early adopters who switch phones at least once every contract period (2 years). They should know by the end of their contract period whether WiMAX will be around for a while more or to get ready to switch to LTE.

As for myself, I’d like a WiMAX enabled phone only if the carrier and phone allows tethering to other devices.

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