Clearwire Gets Much Needed $1 Billion from Sprint for Wholesale 4G to 2012 & Beyond

If you’ve been following 4G (WiMAX style) provider Clearwire for the past few years, you know that it has some business issues as evidenced by this item published by Computerworld two months ago.

Clearwire gains subscribers, remains in the red

The article’s subtitle read The WiMax operator says it is close to a deal with Sprint on revenue from wholesale users.

This negotiation bore fruit this week when Clearwire and Sprint announced:

Sprint and Clearwire Announce Key Enhancements to Their Long-term Wholesale Revenue Agreements

Sprint is going to pay Clearwire $1 billion for wholesale service in 2011 and 2012.

Sprint’s 4G service is unique in that it does not cap its monthly data usage. Sprint’s 3G data service is typically capped at 5GB.

Clearwire provides 4G WiMAX service to a number of partners including its own retail brand, Clear, as well as Sprint and Time Warner.

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