Cleverbug says over 24 million birthdays in its system, brings online images offline for greetings cards

Cleverbug, a smartphone application that takes social network data and uses it for personalized physical greetings cards, told at the recent Inside Social Apps show that is has now reached 20 million birthdays in its database. The app originally launched in mid-January and attained 25,000 downloads in February.

Backed by an Ireland based VC, Cleverbug integrates with Facebook’s Open Graph to remind users of friends’s birthdays or other life events such as engagements or pregnancies. Users can then create a personalized greeting card using Facebook photos and in-house designs, and send it for free digitally or on a printed card at the price of $2.99 plus postage.

Cleverbug has an algorithm in place to prioritize the upcoming celebrations of a someone’s closest Facebook friends. Within the app, users can even setup reminders so, for example, they never miss their buddy’s birthday again.

While Facebook does offer Facebook Gifts, its own way of sending physical goods for birthdays and other life events, most cost a minimum of $10 after shipping. These gifts do include personalized greetings cards, but do not utilize Facebook photos.

According to Cleverbug, greetings cards are a $27 billion business. Though the main demographic is predominantly female – around 80 percent – Cleverbug believes that browsing through cards in pharmacies and post offices is inefficient for everyone. They seek to improve this experience with their mobile app where users can create the greeting card in as little as 90 seconds.

The app is currently available for iOS with a version on Android in the works. The startup also has plans in place for Instagram integration in the coming weeks.