Clickbait Fun With #NationalPunctuationDay

"We're going to learn to cut and paste kids!" (Yes, commas matter.)

Most of us in the PRNewserverse fancy ourselves as either the “AP-Style Nazi,” “Copywriter Extraordinaire,” “Resident Grammarian,” or “Complete Off-the-Hinge Logophile.”

Wherever you find yourself in this caste system, each of us has been our cube farm, prairie dogging up, and shouting to the ceiling tiles above because of some typo or fat-fingered moment.

It’s awful to asinine, humiliating to infuriating, brain fart or complete grammar diarrhea.

This day is for you! It’s National Punctuation Day, so in the event of shameless clickbaiting, here are some images we have shared — or have been shared with us — through the years. We love this stuff, if you’re interested in future posts.

Posts like this are all you’res … yours!

Hey, people in need. Find some work why don’t ya’?!

goodwill period

Dear, Chick-Fil-A Humanoid Cows. They are talking to you!

cows gate

Public Safety? Optional.


Wonder if this happens to the boys on “Duck Dynasty”?


Wouldn’t you love to tweet this event? Or at least buy a ticket to it?

long event

Well, Mr. Almighty. If you insist.


Wonder if this was reported to Food Network?

rachel ray

Been on Maury lately?

store punctuation

At least we know the tombstone is hers.


Hey criminals! Coast is clear!


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