Clinique Drops Models for Influencers in New Campaign

19-year-old Tavi Gevinson is the new "face" of the brand.

Clinique, the classic beauty brand that signed with the Oreo guys at 360i for its marketing needs in 2013, has made a big move into the influencer space.

Its new campaign, launched today, doesn’t star any fashion models or traditional “celebrities”; from the first line delivered by new ambassador Tavi Gevenson, you can tell this isn’t your usual makeup brand promo:

You probably know that Gevinson first gained attention for launching a popular blog when she was only 12; she went on to interview Taylor Swift and do some acting on the stage and screen.

Various headlines call her the world’s “most influential teenager,” so Clinique’s choice of Gevinson as its newest face makes sense. The company claims to “move beyond beauty” in its latest campaign, and one of its own art directors captures the sentiment:

“Face Forward” is the brand’s first all-digital campaign, and all of its stars are influencers/bloggers rather than models. Here’s Margaret Zhang:

In a general sense, the campaign follows on recent work supporting Always and Dove in offering audiences a more realistic portrait of the young, enterprising, thoroughly modern woman.

We like it, and Fashionista has an interesting detail about how Clinique and Gevinson came together: the brand had considered asking her to be its latest ambassador and decided to move forward after seeing her Instagram a picture of one of its products.

We do, however, hope that Clinique has updated some of its in-house media relations practices over the past five years.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.