Cloud Engines Introduces New Storage Solution Targeted At Mobile Devices

I’ve long advocated storage solutions like Dropbox and for mobile users because of their low cost and ability to expand the amount of information one can access from mobile devices. Some people do not like the idea of storing their data on another company’s servers, and for those people Cloud Engines’ line of PogoPlug storage devices is an appealing alternative. Today Cloud Engines announced the PogoPlug Mobile, which is their newest personal cloud solution creates specifically for use with smartphones and tablets.

Cloud Engines has been selling the PogoPlug for a little more than a year, and in fact I have a PogoPlug Pro. You connect a USB storage device to the PogoPlug, which is connected to your home Internet connection, and are then able to upload and download files to that device via the Internet. The end result is a “cloud like” storage solution, because you can access it via the Internet, that is in your home and under your complete control.

PogoPlug Mobile has a new physical design with a USB port and Secure Digital card slot. The device connects to Cloud Engine’s web front end at, which provides access from web browsers. Free mobile applications are available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The new versions of these mobile applications support streaming music, video, and pictures from your PogoPlug and also provide automatic back of pictures and videos taken on the mobile device to the PogoPlug. The current version of the PogoPlug mobile app does not support the automatic backup feature, but Cloud Engines says it will be releasing an update that adds that feature for current PogoPlug users.

You can pre-order the PogoPlug Mobile now for $79.99, and it is scheduled to official go on sale October 1.

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