CNET Magazine Showcases ‘The New Face of Star Wars’

Actor John Boyega gets two separate Winter Issue covers.

The Winter Issue of’s quarterly print publication has two different covers.


On the right is the regular newsstand edition. On the left is a special collector’s edition of the same Winter Issue, available exclusively at Barnes and Noble and select New York retailers. From today’s note by editor in chief Lindsey Turrentine and editor in chief, news Connie Guglielmo:

John Boyega, the actor who plays Finn [in Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens], gave an exclusive interview to CNET about how it feels to see himself as an action hero – on the big screen – and as a 4-inch toy brought to life on the digital screen.

“I can’t even say it’s a dream come true,” said Boyega. “It’s more like an altered reality.”

Both covers are cool, but the collector’s edition is arguably a bit more memorable, capturing with its black-background image the idea of a young actor staring down the challenge of continuing one of the film world’s most beloved franchises. Do you have your tickets yet?
[Photo credit: Josh Miller/CNET]

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