CNN and Time Host GOP Freshman Roundtable

Last night at the Capitol Hill Visitor’s Center, CNN’s Brianna Keilar and TIME’s Jay Newton-Small hosted a joint roundtable with four GOP Freshman: Ann Marie Buerkle from New York, Georgia’s Tom Graves, Paul Gosar of Arizona and Raul Labrador from western Idaho. During the panel, all four said they will support Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget while offering some interesting perspectives and analogies about the nation’s growing deficit.

Responding to a question about the debt ceiling, Rep. Buerkle explained to Newton-Small and Keilar, “If we just vote to raise the debt ceiling with no changes and no cuts, it’s like saying to an alcoholic: ‘Here is a bottle of whiskey and then tomorrow we’ll talk about your alcohol problem.’ We can’t be enablers. The time has come where we have to take a stand.”

You can catch this and other remarks from the panel on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer starting at 5pm ET today and in Jay’s latest piece for TIME available here.

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