CNN Fails Fun With Flags at London Gay Pride Parade

Rushing to get that story live, are we?

If you are a fan of Big Bang Theory, you no doubt are familiar with Sheldon Cooper’s vlog “Fun with Flags.”

On the set, he shares insights about geography and history all connected to a given flag. Evidently, there is a real-life need for a podcast like his because CNN’s London reporter and international assignment editor Lucy Pawle called the mothership in Atlanta over the weekend about a terrorist sighting at a gay pride parade.

What she saw was so harrowing that CNN had to find a national security analyst to validate a jaw-dropping sight: jihadis chumming with gay folk.

The anchor is the usually reliable Suzanne Malveaux. She began the story discussing the “unnerving sight” of ISIS supporters in the London Gay Pride crowd. The problem for CNN: the flag’s “text” was not Arabic; it was a series of images of sex toys.

Regretfully, Pawle didn’t see the humor in it, as she was immediately trolled and chose to fall on her rubber sword of journalistic ethics rather than cop to an innocent mistake made in the rush to score “exclusives” and win viewers.

We really are the world.

And now, for the trolling…