CNN Journos Attacked in Cairo on 9/11

Several CNN journos, as well as American public television producer Dina Amer, were attacked over the weekend by angry crowds protesting outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo. Disturbingly, the trouble began when an old woman pointed to Amer and accused her of being an Israeli spy. Things escalated immediately.

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, a producer working for CNN, rushed to help escort Amer through the angry crowd. But suddenly the two reporters were pinned against the railing of an overpass by young men who were accusing Amer of being an Israeli spy.

Yelling “I’m Egyptian,” Fahmy managed to pull Amer another 10 meters down the road, until the pressure from the mob overwhelmed the pair.

Amer screamed as she and Fahmy were knocked to the ground and the crowd started to trample them.

Other CNN journalists tried to reach in to help, but were pushed back by a wall of angry men.

Fahmy lay on top of Amer, shielding her with his body.

Miraculously, the journalists managed to escape scene unharmed. The story of their safe exit is definitely worth reading.