CNN Launches Android App With Video and Sharing

CNN has released a new app for phones running Android 2.1 and later that provides streaming video from CNN’s web site and the ability to share links to the news reports on Facebook and Twitter. The CNN app also provides the ability for users to participate in iReport, which is CNN’s community site for people to directly submit their own news stories. The CNN App for Android is available now in the Android Market.

When you start the app you first see the CNN Headlines section, which is where you can watch and read items from CNN’s web site. Videos play in landscape with a brief pre-roll advertisement. You swipe left and right to move through each part of the headlines section, and tap a headline to read the article. Tap the sharing button at the top right of the screen to share the article on Facebook, Twitter, or via email. The app also takes advantage of Android’s built-in sharing options, which supports more social networking sites than Facebook and Twitter.

Tap the grid button on the upper left of the screen to move through the main sections of the CNN App: Headlines, Profile, iReport, Radio, and Video. Profile provides local weather and news articles based on your current location. As already mentioned, iReport provides access to user-submitted news, pictures, and video submitted to CNN. The Assignments section of iReport provides a list of specific topics for which CNN is looking for contributions. Tap a topic and a Submit button to take a photo, record a video, or submit photos or video already on your phone.

The Radio section plays a stream of CNN’s radio broadcast, which includes hourly news updates and other programming. The Videos section contains a listing of just the videos available to play on your phone. For some reason the Videos section does not provide the ability to share links to the videos.

Be aware that the CNN App does require a significant amount of internal storage on an Android phone. The app requires 2.48 MB of storage but after just watching a few videos another 3.61 MB of storage was consumed on my phone. CNN ought to support the ability to install the app to storage cards rather than requiring being installed internally, or at the very least store data on the storage card.

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