CNN Spins the Birther Issue

You’ve got to hand it to CNN for jumping on the birther bandwagon Wednesday and quickly bragging about the network’s herculean efforts along with Donald Trump, who is honored just to be himself. Problem is, POTUS had begun the process of getting his birth certificate delivered to the White House days before CNN’s report ran.

A CNN release Wednesday came with a headline that wouldn’t pass the Pinocchio test: “Day after CNN’s Definitive Investigation of Birther Claims, White House releases President Obama’s original birth certificate.” The spin was that the network brought on Obama’s birth certificate unveiling on Wednesday. The network went on to accurately depict a programs that aired this week: “CNN’s Anderson Cooper summarized the evidence discovered during AC360’s investigation into President Obama’s birthplace. Gary Tuchman traveled to Hawaii to investigate the birther allegations and to determine whether President Obama was indeed born in Honolulu on August 4th, 1961. This investigation aired Monday and Tuesday on CNN’s AC 360.”

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