Coburn Questions FNC’s Health Care Coverage

Capitol News Connection’s Matt Laslo, a Capitol Hill radio reporter, got the scoop on Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-Okla.) town hall meeting in which the senator questions FNC’s health care reporting. It’s not everyday that a staunch Republican senator questions the validity of FNC and warns against the “myths perpetuated on Fox News”. But here it is:

An excerpt:

After a woman in the audience railed against the possibility of being put in prison for not obtaining health insurance under the DemocratÂ’s new law, Coburn dismissed her remark and questioned the accuracy of Fox News reports on health care reform. The meeting was recorded by radio station KGOU in Norman.

“The intention is not to put any one in jail. That makes for good TV news on FOX but that isnÂ’t the intention,” Coburn responded.

Then, the Republican Senator, who was an arch-foe of the Obama Health Care bill, defended the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi against character attacks.

Read CNC’s story here and listen to a recording by radio station KGOU in Norman, Okla.

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