‘Coke’ Launches Teen-Targeted Digital Campaign ‘The AHH Effect’ With 61 New Websites

What exactly is the “ahh effect”? First, we feel we should clarify that the “AHH” in “AHH Effect” is meant as a satisfied sigh, not the exclamation that may appear in a word bubble above the head of a comic book character running around with his hair on fire. In a release announcing its new campaign, Coca-Cola described it this way:

The AHH Effect” is that multidimensional feeling of happiness, satisfaction and delicious refreshment one experiences after drinking an ice-cold Coke. It’s been described as the sound a smile would make if smiles made sounds, and it’s the centerpiece of a new teen-focused program from Coca-Cola. Bringing to life 61 dimensions of ‘AHH’ through a range of digital experiences, from games and films to GIFs, the program showcases all of the qualities of Coke and positions the beverage as the ultimate refresher.”

That is a magical marketing mouthful if we’ve ever heard one!

Targeted to teens, the campaign kicked off last week with www.ahh.com and seventeen other sites (each including one more “H” in its URL), all of which feature “a teen-worthy moment of randomness, creativity and delight that’s best experienced from teens’ favorite gadgets – their mobile devices.”

The remaining forty-four websites will eventually be populated as the campaign progresses, twenty-five of which are dedicated to user-generated content. The brand will “award” those URLs to teens who submit their own creative interpretations of what AHH means to them. While the user-generated sites will remain consistent, the other AHH “experiences” will be regularly updated to deliver new content throughout the multi-year program.

This is an ambitious, groundbreaking campaign for the company, which not only takes advantage of the rapidly-changing world of digital advertizing, but also taps directly into the increasingly-connected, tech-addicted, distractible teen demographic.

“Digital, social & mobile are re-writing the rules of marketing,” said Pio Schunker, SVP of integrated marketing communications, Coca-Cola North America Group. “We can no longer have one-way brand to fan communications — instead the brand must facilitate true fan experiences to drive engagement.”

We won’t lie, when we first heard that the company was launching 61 new websites, we thought “AHH!” (in the aforementioned hair-on-fire way), but after hearing the details, we think this might just turn out to be the sort of campaign after which many future initiatives will model themselves; We’re not teens, and we don’t even drink Coke, but even we’re curious enough to check this out.

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