College Kid Posts ‘Radian6 Should Hire Me’ Blog Post, Gets Attention

Among all the “X company should hire me” websites and social campaigns, Daniel Hebert‘s stands out for being the least gimmicky we’ve seen in a while.

In a blog post called, simply, Why I Should Work For Radian6, the Mount Allison University senior wrote about why he likes the company and what his skills are.

Essentially, it’s less of a marketing campaign and more of a really long cover letter with some images and links thrown in.

Here’s a sample:

In order to engage with your followers, you need to know when your community is most active. So I did a full analysis of my Twitter account, using different tools, to figure out what were the optimal times for me to share content with my community. I compiled the data, analysed it, and came up with results for when to best share curated content, re-tweets, and my own blog content.

And it has worked well for me so far! I always measure my results that I found from my analysis and make sure it is consistent with my findings.

I do all of that on my own spare time. I don’t sell a product or a service, I don’t get online revenues from ads and such. The only reason I do this is for the sole purpose of my own education (and for fun, of course!). I think it’s very important to invest in myself, and I believe that this learning experience has thought me extremely valuable skills that are in high demand in the social media and marketing industry nowadays

According to, he heard from Radian6 within 24 hours and had a phone interview earlier this week.

Of course, getting a company’s attention through a campaign or blog post like this is only the first step, and Hebert will need to back up his enthusiastic online presentation with a great phone (and in-person, perhaps) game. But he’s definitely on the right track.

We’re posting this as a counterpoint to the more flashy campaigns we’ve covered in the past, which can certainly work if done well but aren’t necessary, if you don’t feel your strength lies in that area.

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