Colleges Offer Photo Shoots; Students Can Discard the LinkedIn Selfie

selfieHave you ever seen a colleague upload a new LinkedIn profile photo and said to yourself, “A selfie? Really?!”

What you really wanted to tell them how unprofessional it looked but alas, you held your breath instead.

Well, according to a piece in The Wall Street Journal, schools like Lawrence University are offering professional headshots to their students for free. Here’s the thing — per the social media site, profiles with photos are 11 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without pictures.Considering all of the eyeballs viewing various profiles, it makes sense to have a high quality image looking polished and professional. Per the piece, thus far 135 students have taken the school up on their offer. Even freshmen and sophomores have sat for a photo shoot, ranging from performers to French majors.

The photos apparently don’t boost one’s personal brand on LinkedIn but they turn the page on thinking about careers, too.

Mary Meany, the school’s dean of career services, explained that sitting for a formal photo lends itself well for students thinking about their professional futures and how their life will unfold after the hallowed halls of higher ed.