Comcast’s Tunerfish: Foursquare For TV And Video Watching

Yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt Comcast introduced a new and exciting feature that could change the face of the way we consume television and web video. Tunerfish is a social discovery engine for video content. It allows viewers to share what they are watching – on television or on the web – with their friends, as well as to discover video content that is popular within their own social graph. It’s like Foursquare for video watching, letting users “check in” with what they’re watching and share it with their social circles on Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

When a user logs in to Tunerfish they will be met with a list of popular shows that are currently being watched by their friends. If a show sounds interesting to you, you can watch it in the click of a button. Friends that were watching the show before you earn influence points for introducing you to new video content.

Currently Tunerfish exists as a website and will be available on the iPhone and iPad as well. The hope is that Tunerfish will become available directly from your television screen so you can share live broadcast shows from your television while watching in a single click. The platform isn’t limited to sharing television shows. Users are also encouraged to share web video content. By sharing a link, users’ friends can watch online videos directly from Tunerfish and click to share with their own social graph if they like the content.

John McCrea, former Plaxo VP of Marketing spoke about Tunerfish at TechCrunch Disrupt. He says that the public beta of the service should go live within the next two weeks and will be open to users to share their favorite videos and television shows on any platform.

Tunerfish will open doors for television and video sharing that never existed before, giving users a whole new medium for sharing content and discovering shows and videos. What do you think of the idea and how do you think it will impact the future of television viewing?

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