Comedy Central Cuts Rape Jokes From Sheen Roast

It’s a relief to know the network has some limits, even if they’re only in place to appease advertisers. Comedy Central was happy to include convicted rapist Mike Tyson in the roast of Charlie Sheen, but all jokes made about Tyson’s history of sexual assault were edited out for Monday night’s broadcast.

Of course, those in attendance got an earful, and it caused some to shudder. From The Daily Beast:

Already culturally defanged by his appearances in the Hangover films, Tyson’s rehabilitation took another step forward as he joined the crew and sat gamely by, laughing his head off on the couch as comics took playful jabs at his record of sexual assault. William Shatner in particular distinguished himself with an extended bit walking the former champion through the right way to rape a woman and get away with it…. One wonders if Comedy Central called Tyson’s victim and asked whether she had any zingers she wanted to contribute.

Comic Anthony Jeselnik, who made several Tyson jokes during the roast, shared a few of his deleted punchlines with MTV:

I had all these rape jokes for him and they were killing. One is, “Mike Tyson, you’re the most likeable guy, everyone likes you, even the girl you raped lost $50 on the Holyfield fight.”

The aforementioned girl is Desiree Washington, who was just 18 years old when Tyson brutally raped her. Washington suffered long-lasting emotional trauma from the assault, as well as two venereal diseases.

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