Comedy Troupe Parodies Latest ‘Dove’ Real Beauty Ad

We told you earlier this week about Dove’s latest installment of its Real Beauty Campaign, an ad spot in which a forensic sketch artist helps prove that women really are more beautiful than they think. The powerful commercial culminates with the emotional reactions of these women when they are shown two sketches of themselves — one based on their own self-descriptions, and one based on how others described them. The drawings based on how others saw them were consistently more accurate and more flattering.

Now, the New Feelings Time Comedy group has created a pitch-perfect parody that shows how the same experiment might have gone had the subjects been men. Sure, they also suffer from skewed self image, but not in quite the same way as Dove’s ladies. (Hint: one guy describes himself as “a white Denzel Washington” while a woman says he looked “like he smelled really bad.”)

While we’re sure real-world dudes deal with their fair share of self-consciousness, we do know and love some guys who may have been a perfect fit in this parody, if for no other reason than they deal with said self-consciousness with outward displays of arrogance. But enough “being fair analysis” — we needed a good laugh this morning, and this certainly delivered. Enjoy!

And, for comparison, here’s the original again: