Comical Times Overlords Send Satirical Memorandum Concerning Journal‘s ‘Greater New York’ Endeavour

Apparently, Times upper management loves to make sport of the competition.

Well dress us up and call us Sally! It’s getting hard to hear any actual news today over the choruses of Bronx cheers flying between The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times today. In yet another iteration of the battle of PR one-upsmanship surrounding today’s launch of the Journal‘s New York metro section, the Times has gotten nasty, sending a saucily-worded “welcome” memo from Times Co. chairman Arthur Sulzburger and CEO Janet Robinson.

The opening graf alone is packed with witty jabs and zingers, not to mention an appeal to the stately Times‘ seniority over the Journal (fitting, given the differing levels of gravitas in each paper’s New York coverage):

After 120 years of existence, The Wall Street Journal this morning has finally decided to cover New York north of Wall Street. In the spirit of journalistic camaraderie, we welcome the Journal’s new local section. The New York Times has been the paper of record in New York for nearly 160 years, and we know just how difficult it can be for start-ups to develop a following.

Such wit! Who knew the Grey Lady was so adept at playing the dozens!

The memo then goes on to assert the Times‘ current dominance — highlighting among other things its broad reach among affluent New Yorkers, its hefty market share among advertisers and the number of Broadway shows its readers attend every year (on average, four!).

And then, a final blow, right to the kisser:

If you happen to know anyone who works for the Journal’s new section and he or she wants any additional information about the greater New York region, tell them to check out’s always very helpful archive.

We’re glad to see the Times is not above a little high-minded “Nanny nanny boo boo.”

Full memo available at Romenesko.