Andy Borowitz’s Nose And Other Observations From Joy Behar’s Comics With Benefits Event

Current TV’s Joy Behar hosted “Comics with Benefits” last night in New York City, a charity event for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The benefit featured performances by Behar, New Yorker‘s Andy Borowitz and Current’s other in-house comedian John Fugelsang. Though it transpired last night, the special doesn’t air on Current until Friday. But browsing through Twitter using the hashtag #ComicsWithBenefits, we were able to pull the four most interesting bits ahead of time.

1. Wendy Williams is a giant.

“How we doin’?” tweeted Wendy Williams of the Wendy Williams Show, who attended the event. Here she is towering over “The View’s” leopard-printed Sherri Shepherd. One follower asked “Geeze Wendy, how tall are you sweetie?”Another said, “Awww Man!..I Thought That was Another Picture Of U With Your Clothes Off …Dang!! :-)” …

2. John Fugelslang is exceptionally unfunny.

A couple tweets quoting lines from Fugelslang:

  • “Folks I’d like to announce we’ve run so long this is now a Hillary Clinton 2016 fundraiser.” (?)
  • “Mitt Romney changes ideas like a yoga instructor on crystal meth.” (??)


3. Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer hung with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.

That’s not a creepy back alley and that’s not an expensive call girl standing next to Spitzer. It’s Dee Snider.

4. Andy Borowitz likely has a strong sense of smell.

Imagine how useful a honker like that must be: Smelling what’s for dinner before getting home; sneeze only once to clear your sinuses; cordless vacuuming, even.

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