ComiXology is giving away 20 free comics after removing in-app purchases from iOS


Comics lovers were mightily disappointed when Amazon purchased comiXology, and then decided to remove  in-app purchasing features. Now, iOS users must purchase comics through comiXology’s online webstore, which is why many users have converted to apps like Marvelous Comics.

The new changes are profit-driven. When any app purchase is made, Apple retains 30% of the fees. By removing in-app options, Amazon can potentially keep more profit per unit sold, but sales have likely declined since users simply do not want to jump through internet windows in order to make a simple purchase for a reading app.

Given the turbulence between Apple and Amazon’s eBook price-fixing scandals and lawsuits, all of these digital turf wars seem most annoying to writers and comic creators who must accept the selling terms of publishers and internet giants. The new inconvenience has probably driven the 20 free comic books giveaway from comiXology, but it’s unlikely that users will continue to buy from the webstore unless user experience is simplified or improved. For now, users should sign up to “buy” a comic a day if they are interested since it’s free. Android users will be able to purchase comics through the Play Store:

There are many advantages to shopping at Because of the content restrictions our mobile partners have, shopping on the web provides even greater selection of comic books and graphic novels. iOS customers will now be able to save money with comiXology’s exclusive web-only Bundles, take advantage of Subscription features and enjoy eGift Cards. We also made our website more tablet/mobile friendly on all devices to make the purchasing process that much easier. And in Safari on iOS, customers can easily save a shortcut to our webstore with the “Add to Home Screen” feature.

In the new Android 3.6 upgrade we have a new comiXology in-app purchase system and a great new shopping cart, one of our most requested features. In the new app, customers may be prompted to update your payment information to continue purchasing books. This is a one-time action after which you can purchase inside the app.