ComiXology Launches Comics4Kids App

ComiXology, a leading comics distributor, has just released a second app for iOS. Comics4Kids has been specifically designed for kids and it features titles from acclaimed publishers including Bluewater Comic, Shadowline, Dynamite, and many more. It offers a distinctive set of classic and modern titles including Archie, Sonic the Hedgehog, Secret of Kells and Atomic Robo.

David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology, had this to say: “We have parents writing us all the time that they love our apps, and want to share comics with their kids, but they’re afraid they’ll pick up one of our mature titles. I couldn’t even hand my iPad off to my own young niece so I knew we needed to make an app for the kids who want to explore comics in an environment that makes their parents comfortable.”

The app is free in iTunes, and it currently stocks 175 titles from over a dozen publishers.