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The story that generated the most comments by far was Wednesday’s guest post by a former Atlantic intern reacting to the news that she was going to get paid retroactively for her time there.

The comments were mixed, with most people against unpaid internships but a few people in favor of them.

Some highlights:

Comment from jeannebyington: “I believe in on the job training but I find the concept of unpaid internships abusive and inappropriate. If an employer can’t afford an intern, he/she shouldn’t have one any more than the company should have a new telephone, computer system or newly designed office if there’s insufficient money to cover the cost.”

Comment from ellenj2: “Unpaid internships are a way to prove yourself, while figuring out whether it’s really for you. There is tremendous cost involved in hiring, training, benefits, etc. So tell me again why the employer should pay to provide this luxury on an unproven kid? There’s a problem with the generation who thinks it’s all about them, instead of having to prove themselves & compete.”

And from LostinAZ: “As a former unpaid (and with poor parents) intern (30 years ago) I completely agree; every internship should come with at least minimum wage.

However, that experience was irreplaceable and started a career (broadcast TV) I’d never have been able to dream of otherwise.

I saved and worked weekends to afford the opportunity. I’d do it again in a second.”

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