Community Pages, Music, Movies, Football, Best Buy and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

A variety of Community Pages made our list this week, as did the retail store Best Buy courtesy of being featured in Zynga’s CityVille recently, then there was music, several football (soccer) Pages and a mix of everything from authors to video games. Pages on our list this week required 290,900 and 2.1 million Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

Name Likes Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1.  Manga 2,214,848 +2,132,300 +2,157,470
2.  Best Buy 4,353,578 +28,791 +642,390
3.  Official Blink-182 5,178,312 +5,525 +471,702
4.  The Smurfs 3,763,082 +60,276 +418,432
5.  Titanic 13,486,119 +57,296 +409,479
6.  Twilight 22,210,630 +64,746 +398,748
7.  Facebook 52,143,844 +49,452 +366,933
8.  Harry Potter 34,084,123 +55,366 +364,700
9.  Music 27,248,665 +50,655 +363,342
10.  Anne Rice 540,430 -1,135 +338,800
11.  Call of Duty: Black Ops 10,846,790 +46,597 +337,561
12.  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! 445,351 0 +333,025
13.  Twilight Series 415,535 -18 +322,497
14.  Leo Messi 24,368,964 +45,359 +317,135
15.  Texas Hold’em Poker 49,757,711 +45,811 +317,093
16.  Element Skateboards 363,887 +1,090 +312,214
17.  Rihanna 44,688,868 +46,638 +311,563
18.  FC Barcelona 19,983,422 +43,833 +293,300
19.  Angry Birds 6,942,765 +44,542 +293,160
20.  Cristiano Ronaldo 33,612,334 +42,178 +290,948

Manga, a Japanese form of comic books, is a Community Page with 2.1 million new Likes this week. The Music Page grew by 363,300 Likes and the Twilight Series grew by 322,500 Likes. Then, as previously mentioned was Best Buy, which grew by 642,400 Likes; the landing tab on the Page asks visitors to Like it, but being able to place a Bests Buy store in your CityVille city allowed users to collect five popular products up until today. The CityVille feature was advertised significantly on the Page’s news feed.

Musicians today on the list included Official Blink-182 with 471,700 Likes; the band is releasing new music, touring and updating frequently with updates and contests and the like. Then Rihanna’s Page grew by 311,600 Likes. Popular movies included “The Smurfs” with 418,400 Likes, “Titanic” by 409,500 Likes, “Twilight” by 398,700 Likes and “Harry Potter” by 364,700 Likes.

Football made our list in the form of two famous players and one team. Leo Messi’s Page grew by 317,100 Likes; the Argentine FC Barcelona player has been updating the Page frequently and includes a landing tab asking visitors to Like the Page. Then FC Barcelona was on the list with 293,300 Likes this week. Finally there was Cristiano Ronaldo with 291,000 Likes. Most of these Likes seem to be organic.

There were two games on the list Texas Hold’em Poker with 317,100 Likes and Angry Birds with 293,200 Likes. The rest of the list was a mixed bag. Facebook grew by 367,000 Likes. Novelist Anne Rice saw most of her 338,800 Likes in the span of two days, perhaps a consolidation, although she also recently public “quit” being Christian on Facebook. Call of Duty: Black Ops grew by 337,600 Likes,  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! by 333,000 Likes and Element Skateboards with 312,200 Likes.