ComScore: Facebook Served More Display Ads than Yahoo Sites Last Quarter

Facebook passed Yahoo this past quarter to serve the most display ads on its home site to US users, according to new data from comScore.

The company’s display ads generated 176.3 billion impressions, or 16.2% of the total amount in the US, compared to 131.6 billion from Yahoo and 60.2 billion from Microsoft. Total display ad impressions grew to 1.1 trillion in 2010’s first quarter, up from the 944 billion a year ago.

But this is just looking at ads from domains these companies own. Yahoo and Microsoft both operate display ad networks for other sites that bring them many more impressions, as well as revenue. Yahoo made $6.5 billion in revenue last year and mostly from ads.

Facebook brought in up to $700 million last year, through brand and performance ads, and we expect that number to reach near $1.1 billion this year, mainly due to ad revenue growth. Big brands are spending more than ever on the site, with Verizon, Toyota and Ford now among Facebook’s top 25 advertisers, comScore reports.

Why did Facebook’s impressions increase in the first quarter? Partly due to steady growth in the US, as we’ve been tracking. A redesign may have led to more ad inventory; the early ending of its ad agreement with Microsoft may have, as well.

The Wall Street Journal noted that comScore rival Nielsen still shows Yahoo in the lead with 34% of all display ads in April, down 1% from a year ago, and Facebook holding a 20% share, up 2% from last year.

[Image via CNET]

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