Comscore: Internet Users Watching More Online Videos

According to the most recent Comscore data, Internet users continue to watch more and more videos online. In the past year, video views per user have gone up nearly 80 percent! The average online video viewer watched a whopping 173.3 videos in March 2010. That’s a huge increase from March 2009, when the average online viewer watched only 96.8 videos.

In the past year, it’s not only the average number of views that have seen an increase. There are also millions more unique viewers logging online to watch video. In March 2009 there were 149.4 million people watching videos online. A year later this number has risen to 180.2 million.

YouTube and Hulu have seen the largest increase in video views over the last year. Google Sites (which includes YouTube) had an average of 96 videos watched by each user in March 2010, up from 59 videos the previous year. Hulu more than doubled their average views, up from 9.1 to 26.7 in March 2010. Hulu has been the fastest growing online video site over the past year, as they are one of the few places where U.S. viewers can watch high quality television episodes.

Despite Hulu’s rapid growth, YouTube is still holding its own as top dog in the online video industry. Google Sites account for 41.8 percent of all videos viewed on the web in March 2010 and 3 out of 4 online video viewers watch at least a portion of their videos on YouTube.

With online video views growing at such a rapid pace, what do you think web video has in store for us in the future? How many videos do you think the average viewer will be watching a year from now?