UK Tabloid Boxes Out The Huffington Post

The online global newspaper domination rankings are out for March 2011, and there is a not altogether surprising number two. Wedged between and on the ComScore hit parade is Fleet Street tabloid The Daily Mail.

Per a report today in the UK trade Media Week, the MailOnline’s 27% March jump in unique visitors bested HuffPo’s 20% increase, leaving the two outlets with respectively 39.635 million and 38.429 million worldwide unique visitors. Both sites were far behind the New York Times, which – ahead of its March 28th paywall – managed 61.964 global uniques for March.

The Daily Mail is in the process of expanding its U.S. reporting capabilities via offices in LA, New York, and D.C. With traffic for the New York Times already plummeting this month because of the paywall, April world media domination at its simplest level comes down to a battle between a British man (MailOnline publisher Martin Clarke) and Greek woman (Arianna Huffington).

The increasingly blog-like Daily Mail is also at this stage comfortably ahead of its direct local competition The Guardian, which is similarly expanding U.S. reporting operations. For March, the latter registered 30.981 uniques, behind Tribune’s newspaper group #4 tally of 34.624 million.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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