Comscore: Online Video Views Soaring In The UK

Today comScore released data indicating that online video views in the UK are up a whopping 37 percent from last year. comScore’s Video Matrix service shows that a total of 5.5 billion videos were viewed in the UK in February 2010, up from 4 billion in February 2009.

A majority of the online video traffic in the UK is driven by YouTube, with close to 2.5 billion YouTube videos being watched from the UK in February. YouTube’s success has kept Google Sites in the leading position for online video properties in the UK, with Google Sites video views up 17% from last year. BBC Sites are in second place, with 140 video views in February, followed by MegaVideo with 53 million video views.

Despite the fact that YouTube is in the lead, with its short, viral clips, there appears to be a trend towards users watching more long-form content. comScore Europe’s SVP and Managing Director, Mike Read, says, “In particular, we’ve seen eyeballs move towards the online channel to watch more long-form, professional video content, such as popular broadcast network TV shows.” This trend accounts for the rise in UK traffic on sites like MegaVideo and is a similar trend to that which comScore found in their US data, stating that longer video clip were on the rise.

What do you think the next year will reveal about online video trends in the UK and the rest of the world? Will YouTube continue to thrive or will popular long-form video platforms like MegaVideo and Hulu take over?

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