Comscore: Users Watching Less Online Videos For More Time

Each month comScore releases data about the online video rankings of the previous month. According to the 2010 US Online Video Rankings for February 2010, which were published in a press release today, Hulu users broke records last month by watching an average of 2.4 hours of video on the site. That’s a 120 percent increase from a year ago.

The data provided by comScore illustrates that online video consumers are watching fewer videos these days. However, they are watching videos for longer periods of time. Hulu users watched an average of 23.3 videos, totaling 2.4 hours per viewer over the course of the month of February. In January, Hulu users watched 23.5 videos, totaling 2.3 hours per viewer.

YouTube statistics run this point home even stronger. In February, YouTube viewers watched an average of 89.5 videos, a decrease from 93.4 videos in January. However, the length of these videos increased from 4.1 to 4.3 minutes. Both the YouTube and Hulu statistics represent a gradual inclination towards longer online video content.

Hulu is also increasing its user base. In February, Hulu accounted for 3.2% of all videos viewed online in the United States. This is a substantial rise from 2.8% in January. Part of the attraction of Hulu is that it has a great collection of films and full television show episodes. However, according to comScore’s data, short clips are still preferred by online video viewers.

What do you think of this trend towards watching fewer, longer videos online? Do you prefer watching short video clips or full-length episodes and films?

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