Crunching the comScore Numbers

The Washington Post is celebrating a pair of major October 2015 comScore achievements.

According to comScore, The New York Times in September had many more unique U.S. visitors than the Washington Post. The margin between the two papers was a hefty seven and a half million, or 66,671,000 for the Times vs. 59,153,000 for the Post.

But October was a different comScore story, a fact trumpeted not by the Reston, Va. vendor but rather The Washington Post itself. Per a PR Blog item posted late Friday, the D.C. paper is heralding the fact that it has pulled ahead of the Times with 66.9 million uniques compared to 65.8 million for the Times. The release does not clearly state that these comScore stats are for U.S. multi-platform, work and home users.


Why is this relevant? Well, take a look a the image above. It was screen grabbed this morning from, where the Times rotates and shares various tote-board glimpses of its online activity. As you can see, the paper’s international Web traffic is incredibly robust, especially when an event like the Paris terrorist attacks is dominating the news headlines. On the global unique visitors front, the Times likely still outpaces the Post.

Still, there’s no question the Post has reason to celebrate. Extrapolating from the comScore October U.S. numbers using internal metrics, the paper’s executive editor Martin Baron and managing editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz sent a memo to staff Friday with much more granular detail about the month’s top stories. Read the memo here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.