Conan Blames YouTube For The State Of The Economy

As part of YouTube’s 5-year celebration, the video site asked Conan O’Brien, among other celebs, to share five of his favorite videos with YouTube users. He introduces the clips in an anniversary message to YouTube and, in true Conan form, which has been rather cynical as of late, he doesn’t congratulate the video giant, but rather jokingly blames them for the fact that “our country’s economy is in the toilet.”

Conan says:

“Nobody actually makes anything anymore. We’re all watching monkeys in propeller hats flush themselves down a toilet. And that’s why India’s kicking our ass. And China, and pretty much everyone else. Switzerland – kicking our ass. Guam – way ahead of us.”

Conan admits to being sucked into YouTube as well, like the rest of us. But maybe he has a point. I’ve often found myself wasting away hours of my time watching video after video. I’ll start out watching a music video and 20 suggested videos down the line I’ll be watching clips of cats on treadmills or men with repulsively large muscles– both things that I never would have considered searching for on my own. All the while, I could have been doing something productive. So what do you think? Is Conan on to something when he says YouTube is to blame for our economic rut?

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