Conan Tells Your Facebook Friends How You Really Feel

Have you run out of clever ways to riff on your friends on Facebook? Well Conan O'Brien has just the thing for you -- but close all of your other browser tabs before trying it.

Have you run out of clever ways to riff on your friends on Facebook? Well, Conan O’Brien has just the thing for you.

His digital team has created 25 different video greeting cards featuring the late-night talk show host. Once you the like button on Conan’s Facebook page, and you can share his video greetings with your friends.

“Instead of you having to come up with something original to post on your Facebook wall, why not let Conan do it for you? Check out the videos below, pick your favorites, and let me tell your friends how you really feel,” he quips in the introduction.

Perhaps he can come up with a witty way to tell everyone that his streaming footage consumes a lot of bandwidth, so you’ll want to close all your other browser tabs before hitting the “play” button.

The F-Cards include several that you’ll want to post on friends’ walls or send as messages. They’re all pretty funny, but our favorites include:

  • I Can’t Think of a Status Update
  • Congrats — You Weren’t Unfriended
  • Stop Photo-Tagging Me
  • Dear Creepy Stalker
  • Leering at My Pic Again
  • It’s Complicated?
  • Congrats on Hooking Up
  • Dear Clueless Roommate
  • Dear Secret Pervert
  • Who the Hell Are You Again?
  • Wanna Be Friends, You Perv?
  • Dear Hot Ex-Coworker
  • Your Single Relationship Status

Now we like those last two videos so much that we’ve embedded them below this post. Readers, have you had a chance to send an F-Card to any of your Facebook friends, and if so, what do you think?