Condé Nast Entertainment Renews 30% of Its Web Slate

21 series coming back to a digital screen near you

Condé Nast Entertainment is planning to renew about one third of its original Web programming, a total of 21 shows. 

Last year, CNE launched seven digital video channels, the majority of which were tied to Condé’s magazine brands. They totaled 560 million views across 70 original Web series with more than 1,000 unique episodes in 2013.

Metrics was part of what went into the renewal decisions, but audience opinion carried greater weight. The shows selected all had high rates of participation.

"Add all those things together, and you come up with 21 magical titles that are going back into production right now," Michael Klein, evp of programming and content strategy for CNE, told Adweek. "They are really reflective of the channels and providing that consistent offering to the audience."

Returning programs include documentary series like GQ's Casualties of the Gridiron, which was nominated for a sports Emmy for outstanding documentary series in March. The show, which follows the story of retired NFL players with injuries that plague them as a result of their former career, will have a third season. Wired’s animated Codefellas, a snarky peek into the world of NSA hackers, will also be returning for a second season. Documentaries like Glamour’s Screw You Cancer, which chronicled New York comedian Caitlin Brodnick and her preventative double mastectomy last year, will also return this season.

The company said it believes that premium content is key, which has helped draw advertisers like P&G, Microsoft, American Express, Mondolez and Unilever. CNE was mum about its upcoming plans ahead of its NewFront, but said it plans to supplement these shows with many more in the upcoming year and is on track to hit 1 billion views in 2014. 

Sixty brands bought placement last year, and CNE has signed more than 60 brands in Q1 of 2014 alone. 

"I think video entertainment plays by its own set of rules a little bit,” said Fred Santarpia, CNE chief digital officer. “What you’d see on CNE is very similar to what you’d see on any cable show in terms of integration or product placement or any of those types of executions."

Here is the full list of renewed shows:


Angry Nerd

Codefellas: Season 2

The Window

What’s Inside: Season 2


Dress to Kill: Season 2

Elevator Makeover: Season 3

The Single Life: Season 2

Why Do Guys? Season 4

My Glamour Do



Breakfast With Bevan

Get the Look

My Room Makeover – College Edition

Outfit of the Day


Girl v. Sweat: Season 2

Which Is Worse?


America’s Bartender


Vanity Code: Season 2


Vogue Weddings: The Dress