Condé Nast: On The Move?

Condé Nast, publisher of Everything Important and also Details, may be moving from its Times Square location to the new World Trade Center Tower.

The company has been in discussion with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey about the move. Anonymous real estate executives told the New York Times that, if the negotiations go well, the publisher would take up as much as one million square feet in the tower. Then again, the Times also wrote that Cond&eacute, Nast “established Times Square as a hip and resurgent area when it moved into 4 Times Square in 1999.” So who knows what to believe.

Condé Nast has been looking to move from its fairly annoying location for some time now and had been previously looking at the West Side railyards as a potential new space. While a few big financial forms have been reportedly looking into a move to the tower as well, its only official renters so far are government offices and a Chinese real estate company.

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