Condé Nast Retreads On Familiar Obama Territory To Sell Copies

A Michelle Obama Glamour cover for December? We know that coming up with new and original content for women’s magazines that doesn’t feel old hat is hard, but something about Condé Nast’s special recognition award of Michelle Obama in their “Women Of The Year” issue feels a little bit like Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize: A little unwarranted.

We know that Obamas on the cover sell copies and win prizes, and Si Newhouse certainly needs that these days. Maybe he thought enough time had passed since all the other Michelle covers that Glamour‘s issue could be considered fresh all over again?

Below, a partial gallery of Michelle covers in the last year.

Vogue, March 2009

The New Yorker, March 2009

O Magazine, April 2009

Essence Magazine, December 2008

Essence Magazine, May 2009

People Magazine, February 2009

Us Weekly, January 2009

Newsweek, December 2008

Your Next First Lady?
– Glamour Magazine
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