Condé Nast Creates a Magazine for Walmart

Condé Nast and Walmart sure are strange bedfellows, but as we all know, money can make anything happen. That’s why Bruce Willis agreed to star in Die Hard sequels until he dies (the last installment is tentatively titled Oh You Dead Now). Money must also be the main driver behind Condé Nast creating a magazine for Walmart titled BeautyScoop.

WWD reports that the monthly glossy lines the shelves of thousands of Walmarts and is mailed to about 2.5 million Walmart shoppers. BeautyScoop is also filled with content written by editors at Glamour, Lucky, Allure and Self.

The fun thing about BeautyScoop is that Condé — considering itself a glamorous brand — doesn’t exactly want people knowing it’s good friends with Walmart. It must really sting then, to have this news revealed by WWD, which is owned by Condé.

But don’t worry Condé execs, there is no shame in producing a magazine for a massive retailer. If anyone sasses you about it, simply throw your hands in the air and reply, “Hey, must be the money!”

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