Conde Nast Evaluating iPad Magazine Strategy

Conde Nast Digital was among the iPad magazine app pioneers. It is not secret that I was disappointed with their first attempt to put WIRED magazine in an iPad app or that that I was disappointed with their most recent attempt.

Wired for iPad May Issue Free. Content is Great. App Navigation is Still a Nightmare, However

However, I want to make it clear that I want Conde Nast and every other legacy magazine and newspaper publisher to figure out how to move from paper to bits and suceed in the 21st century. So, in that spirit, I was disappointed to read this in Ad Age.

Conde Nast Taps Brakes on Churning Out iPad Editions for All Its Magazines

Ad Age quotes a Conde Nast publisher as saying: They’re not all doing all that well, so why rush to get them all on there? If this pullback is truly one for retooling and rethinking strategy, it is a smart move.

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