Former Condé Nast Interns Reveal How They Spent Settlement Money

A mix of vacations, credit card bills and more.

Clever piece from Refinery29 fashion news editor Alexandra Ilyashov. Curious as to how those involved in the Condé Nast interns lawsuit might have spent or allocated the settlement money, she recently rounded up feedback from eight former toilers.

Providing blurbs were folks who worked during the summer or school year at Self,, W, WWD, Glamour, Brides and Teen Vogue. We commend the last individual on making a sensible choice:

Teen Vogue intern, 2013: “Because I’m a type-A monster, I budgeted my settlement money between student loan payments, savings, a trip I’m taking to Europe in the spring, paying off this month’s credit card bill and a minor shopping trip. What I should have done is treat myself and put it towards a CĂ©line bag, because I never splurge on myself. But, I couldn’t live with the guilt, so… into responsible things it goes.”

A second intern revealed they are using the entire settlement amount to finance a long-desired vacation trip to South America. From what we know of older-days Condé interning, they earned it.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.