Condé Nast Scammer Gives Up $8 Million

The man who conned CondĂ© Nast into sending him $8 million with a single email has relinquished any claims to that money. Court documents detail that Andy Surface, the man behind the magical email, has “waived any claim” to the mountains of cash that will now presumably be sent back to CondĂ© Nast.

However, according to Forbes, this does not mean that Surface is admitting to doing anything wrong:

The waiver ‘shall in no way be deemed an admission of culpability, liability or guilt’ by Surface. U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff signed the agreement, making it an official court order.

You have to love that. Only in America can a man scam a gigantic company for millions with one email, get caught, decide to give up that money – which was in his bank account – and still not be guilty of any wrongdoing.