Condé Nast Traveler Praises, Insults Brooklyn

In the newest issue of Condé Nast Traveler, the “15 Best Places to See Right Now,” are listed, and our own Brooklyn is among them. Naturally, FishbowlNY was excited to see this, because we rep Brooklyn harder than Biggie did (we’d battle him if he were still with us, best believe it).

Unfortunately, once we read the reasons why people need to visit, our enthusiasm crashed:

As these stylish immigrants have filled the borough’s old neighborhoods, they’ve transformed lowly bodegas into Michelin-starred restaurants, dive bars into wineries, abandoned warehouses into playhouses, and a gothic bank building into a massive flea market.

While we do agree that the Brooklyn Flea – when indoors – is great, those other things the writer bashes are what makes Brooklyn, Brooklyn.

We actually like our “lowly” bodegas where the guy working the counter greets us with a “hello my friend” each time we shop there. And if by “dive bars,” the writer meant “bars that don’t charge you $8 for a Coors Light,” we’re all for that too. These things give Brooklyn its edge, and the fact that the writer is presenting their passing as reasons to visit the borough makes us wonder if that person has ever even been there.